Saturday, 17 September 2011

Facts seen at Alice in Astonishland...decided it's a great way to spend another hour not doing any uni- or housework ;-)

Do you know already what to wear tomorrow?
yes, I always plan that in advance, for special events I even make little sketches...and end up wearing a scarf in sunshine and shorts in a storm but in England that doesn't matter too much

What is on your left and on your right?
left: empty breakfast plate, right: packet of biscuits

Who did you kiss last?
some poeple will now be digusted but: my cat on the head

Last time you had alcohol?
a beer after dinner on thursday

Do you like the tooth paste you currently use?
Sensodyne hasn't got an amazing taste but it makes it possible for me to eat ice cream without any pain

When do you get up in the mornings?
varies...normally between 8-9 o' clock

Dog or cat?
cat! Hate the typical dog smell...

Fried egg or scrambled egg?

All your first and second names?
only have one which makes me feel a bit "naked" in the UK

How many sinks do you have in your flat/house?
one in my flat, 3 in our house

Which colour is the nail varnish you wear right now?
a warm lilac from Nails Inc.

What did you eat last?
toasted fruit loaf with butter and a pear for breakfast

Do you like drinking milk?
not really...I can but prefer it used in something

How often do you clean your teeth?
Honest? I know the better the best but I'm happy if I manage 2x a day

Favourite subject in school?
Art, German

How many plants do you have in your room?
right now in the living room, two small cyclamen

Last word you have said?
"Tiggy"...I was talking to the cat ;-)

Last person you had an argument with? husband

Advise you would give to your younger self?
don't worry about being single, you WILL find someone eventually. And go to see doctors more regularly so you won't end up being scared of them later.

How old were you when you learned how to make chewing gum bubbles?
primary school...with pink Americans bubble gum

Favourite profession as a child?
vet, palaeontologist, interior designer, theatre manager

What can you laugh about most?
silly situations...Fawlty Towers, Black Books, Blackadder, Hennes Bender.

If you could pick an instrument which you could play, which one would it be?
piano or guitar as they are most versatile...but the melancholic in me loves cello too.

What do you do when you're angry?
losing myself in a wave of self-pitying...and writing complaint emails

Favourite desert?
depends how hungry I am. Raspberry jelly? Mousse au chocolat? Tarte tartin?

Favourite pizza?
anything with spinach and pepperoni

Would you like to be able to read minds or become invisible?
don't want to know what people think but always have dreamed of having Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. I could travel for free, go to the most dangerous places without any risks, have lunch with the Queen and sleep next to Colin Firth ;-)

If you would have one wish free...
health for my family and me

Do you have pets?

yes, a cat. As a child I had budgies, a canary, guinea pigs, a rabbit, hamsters and a cockatiel

Google or yahoo?
google, at least 30 times a day

Cocktail or icecream?
like both but the ice cream is a bit more suitable for everyday life

Are you funny?
I think so...but I must be in the right mood for it.

Are you happy or sad right now?

Shopping or being online?
shopping online ;-)?

Would you describe yourself as mad?
yes, in a fun way. But on top I definitely have issues with which I should see a psychiatrist one day...

Monday or friday?

as a student with a shift working husband and retired parents that doesn't make any difference

School or work?
never have worked and really enjoyed going to school so the first

Which languages do you speak?
German, English, mediocre French, a liiiittle bit of Finnish. On my to-do-list: Italian.

Tea or coffee?
both and lots of it

Landline or mobile?
mobile...but I hate making phonecalls and try to avoid it as much as I can

Email or text?
email, doesn't cost and is more flexible

Where would you like to be right now?
quite content right now...if I would have to be somewhere else: Paris, Quartier Latin.

You enjoy doing sports?
no, but at least I'm trying to run every now and then now...

Do your family and friends know that you blog?
yes, it's all linked to my Facebook page

City or country?
grown up in the city, lived in a village, now close to a all has it's advantages and disadvantages. Right now I'm happy to be out a bit with all things within easy reach.

Horrorfilm or romance?
romance...even slightly scary things seem to disturb me a lot

Which animal would you like to be?
not sure...never thought about

Leafy tree or christmas tree?
Leaves in all forms and colours

Do your make-up products look like they get used?
not really...have too many to really make them look used

Do you like eating unhealthy stuff?
who doesn't ;-) ?!

Which car would you like to drive?
don't give a drive a car at all would bean amazing achievement first.

What would you like to grow in your garden?
I already have loads of the things growing that I always wanted (e.g. a Ginkgo tree, a trumpet vine, a white climbing rose, a witch hazel and a whole collection of geraniums). What is next on my list is a multi-coloured climbing rose called "Maequerade"

Sea or pool?
sea to be near but pool for actually going in


  1. lol, sounds so familiar. the last 'person' I kissed or spoke to was one of my cats :)

  2. I wish I were organised enough to plan out my outfits a day ahead of time ;)
    P.S. - I actually did own Black Honey when it was hip the first time round (1993?). An older, more sophisticated girlfriend got me hooked. Bummer about the channel tunnel duty free...