Monday, 5 September 2011


better late than never, Miss Winkelmann's Blogstoeckchen about the world of read carpets and yellow press. 

Do you have a favourite celeb? If yes, who is it?
I have actors/singers/artists/etc. that I like but I don't have favourite people that are simply famous like Paris Hilton or Katie Price...urrrgh. There should be at least some sort of achievement.

Favourite actor/actress?
not really have "the one" but: Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Nighy, Jeremy Northam

Favourite athlete?
in my opinion they all are a bunch of useless overpaid could say I'm not into sports I guess ;-)

anyone else?  
all European Royal families! Especially the Windsors of course :-)

Do you follow celeb gossip?
yes, I have to confess that I read every day

Do you collect autographs?
if I get one, yes. But my collection consists nearly only of German musical singers

Does it make you happy/sad when something good/bad happens to your favourite star? 
Sometimes...I felt for Liam Neeson when his wife died as it was so similar to what happened to his character in "Love actually". And e.g. Lilly Allen and her miscarriages...sad.

Which famous people have you met yet?
This is going to be a very colourful mix in no particular order:
Dalai Lama, Bob Dylan, Orlando Bloom, Michael Ballack, Erol Sander, Mario Adorf, Angela Merkel, Horst Koehler, Michail Gorbatschow, and loads of German TV and News people

Favourite star from your childhood?
Michel aus Loenneberga (and he still is very dear to me), then came Jordan Knight followed by Jan Fedder (yes, I adored "Grossstadtrevier" and still do) followed by Uwe Kroeger...*sigh


  1. Jordan Knight? :o) Ich war Joey Fan. :oDDD

  2. Ah noch jemand der Jan Fedder mag :) Deine Liste an Personen die du schon getroffen hast ist aber schon recht beeindruckend.

  3. Sport1, also DSF, überträgt und meistens auch die französischen Sender die man bei uns statt der dritten Programme empfängt... und mein verrückter Papa hat eine Satellitenschüssel die sämtliche Kanäle der Welt empfängt, nur wegen Rugby, der zeichnet auf :D

  4. You've met some great famous people... don't think I've really met anyone that I could claim has any celebrity status.

    Looking forward to sending you a Berlin TV Tower for Pay it Forward, can you send me your address so I can pop it in the mail?