Friday, 28 June 2013

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As we all know regular check-ups are vital in order to prevent cancer or to at least detect it at a curable stage.
For us ladies this involves the cervical cancer screening, the so called smear test.
In Germany this is recommended once every year, starting at the age of 20 and is done by the gynaecologist during a proper examination.
In the UK you are entitled to the test from the age of 25 onwards once every three years, done in the normal GP surgery (no specialised doctors to go to directly here) by "just" a nurse.
(Of course the question arises again if the UK is too lax here...or if the Germans overdo it again...guess the truth lies somewhere in between).

Anyway, the booking is a tricky subject for a cross-country commuter as I just found out.

me: Hello, I would like to book an appointment (gets the calendar out) Maybe next week?
lady at the desk: We have no free dates next week, I'm sorry.By the way, the test should only be done between day 10 and 18 of the cycle.
me: Ok... (browsing through the calendar...)
latd: How about the week after?
me: I'm not here. Hmm...
latd: How about the week after that?
me: Sounds great but is the wrong time of the month then.
latd: Yeah, right...hmm
me: How about August?
latd: Can't book that now. Our system is only open till the end of July.
me: Well, have to try it again then soon I guess

Not my fault, not their fault, just a very difficult thing to arrange.
Getting a life in England, a life in Germany, the administration of a surgery with more than 7500 patients and the female hormonal cycle all sorted out.
Well, have to try again pleased I am about not having to go too soon I'm detemined to not let it be buried in oblivion.
See, even things like health check-ups and planning doctor appointments varies a lot between countries.

PS: Talking about cancer, or better: the prevention, detection and cure of it:
You can still support the charity Cancer Research UK through me. Next week I will be taking part in another Race for Life 10km run/jog/walk and I'm more than happy and extremely grateful for every penny coming in - no matter how much it is, no matter if you are from Germany, England or somewhere else in the world. Thank you :-)

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