Saturday, 23 November 2013

free haircuts!

I´m a model now.

That shocked you now, didn´t it ;-)!?
Obviously not the runway sort of (the world is definitely NOT ready for this yet) but for a hair stylist.
But lets start at the beginning.

When you wear your hair long you will probably not feel the need to go to a hairdressers that often but once they are cropped short you start noticing that 6 weeks is the absolute longest you can survive without looking awful. As my hair is a desaster of very thin and very fine smooth hair even more so.
In Germany I usually went to a salon that is run by apprentices and you only pay 7€ for each wash/cut/blow-dry.
Now I was looking for something similar in England - after browsing the normal salons in town and deciding that you get nothing for under 40Pounds and if it´s a top stylist and not a junior you don´t wanna know (how ridiculous is that pricing system anyway? It´s not the army after all so why emphasize those silly ranks that much? To make more money of course but still...)

A friend gave me the idea to look for salons which need a model.
After a bit of online research I landed at Gumtree.
Type in "free haircut" and you will be asking yourself why did you ever paid before. There are loads of young stylists working at sometimes really high end salons looking desperately for customers to spend some of their time so they get some practise. The modalities might differ from salon to salon but I scored the biggest hit ever.
Female short hair is much sought after as it is more rare.
I read, clicked, wrote and tada:

Jones & Payne in trendy Shoreditch it was, who has just won the "Best Hairdressing Salon" London lifestyle award.

A free wash with posh Unite products, a head massage, a fantastic cut (probably the best I´ve ever had) and as much free drinks (alcoholic!!!) as you like!!!

And if all this wasn´t good enough already: I got compliments for having "good hair" for learning how to get precisely! My hair got a compliment!!! WOW (in Germany I was used to getting told that my hair is too boring and not fun to work with, thank you very much). I could have married the stylist straightaway if I wouldn´t be married already ;-)

The salon is really stylish with its mix of urban warehouse chique and baroque detailing. The staff is cool but not in a threatening way. Some reviews found it pretentious and obnoxious but I never felt that way.
(and I´m not someone who ever enjoyed going to hair salons!)

So all I have to do now is book with them, sit down, have coffee/cocktails/organic Earl Grey and relax for 3 hours and leave feeling great.

Don´t get scared of the model business, they wouldn´t do anything to your hair you wouldn´t approve of and talk to you before anyway.

I´m hooked and sad my hair doesn´t grow even quicker. Colour to try next! Never again will I pay more than a train ticket to London in order to get great hair.
So who´s saying that London is expensive!?


  1. that really does sound awesome... in germany being a hair model still scares me!
    there are too many weird things going on :D

  2. Der Salon sieht ja echt toll aus!

    Als ich noch lange Haare, habe ich mich auch mal mit dem Gedanken getragen, hatte aber Angst, die vermurksen was.


    1. ich bin da aber auch gaenzlich schmerzfrei und denk mir: waechst eh wieder raus :-)