Sunday, 24 November 2013

No way!

After watching many youtubers doing this tag I'm giving it a go now. 
The questions I found on Manu's blog and translated them.

No way! [food]
The majority of seafood and fish, picky with meat too.

No way! [clothes]
Tracksuits worn outside the house. The absence of shirts on men/boys during British summers. Groups of teenagers all looking exactly the same. Miniature size backpacks on elderly women.

No way! [music]
When it comes to music I'm extremely flexible and tolerant. The only two I really can't stand are Kate Bush and Rihanna.

No way! [smells]
Apart from the usual suspects, the smell when you open the door of the hot dishwasher. And "Cashmir" by Chopard.

No way! [season]
Winter! Christmas is dreadful and darkness, ice and snow even more so.

No way! [sweets]
Damn, I like everything. But not a big fan of the combination peppermint/chocolate or peanut/chocolate.

No way! [youtube]
"this video is not available in your country"

No way! [McDonalds]
Only go 1-2 a year and would never eat the chicken nuggets. McFlurries are overrated too.

No way! [people]
Unreliability, narrow-mindedness, shallowness, lack of education, friendliness and manners

No way! [celebrities]
Pretty much everyone that dominates your screen and papers while you still don't know what exactly they have done to be so famous.

No way! [hair]
Peoples hair being so filthy that it starts smelling, bahhhh.
And women with extremely long hair - makes them look like a harp player or member of some strange religious sect.

No way! [party]
Not sure, never go to any.

No way! [car]
Driving. Why should I bother when being on a bus/train I can daydream, read or snooze safely at the same time?

No way! [parents]
If one parent becomes terminally ill and dies before their time.

No way! [Instagram]
Hmm, the existence of it? Not a member, not seeing the point.

What makes you say "No way! or "Geht gar nicht!"?

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