Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Autum has come early this year and as much as I hate coming to terms with the bleak reality that summer might really be over and done with once again - it has it´s positive sides as well.

Conker season!

Yesterday on my walk to Kingston I spotted the first ones in Bushy Park - shiny and auburn they were flying from the trees, peeping out of their spiky green shell and waiting to be picked.
And that´s exactly what I´m doing, every year again.

I don´t need them (who ever has had a real need for them anyway?), I won´t be feeding any wild animals with them, play typical British childhood games with them nor will I craft some funny little figures with toothpicks and string.

I just can´t leave them rotting on the ground.
Round, smooth and in a colour I would love my hair to be I will always have one or more disappearing into the realms of my handbag...or coat pocked. Until they are all dry, small and lacklustre again. My granny believed the helped against clothes moths and rheumatism - I just like them :-)

Tell me, can you resist the utterly useless temptation to pick up fresh horse chestnuts?


  1. ok. u got me. no, i can't! i just can't! there, i said it. happy?

  2. die werden mir dieses jahr fehlen. den fruehen herbst liebe ich. sobald es anfaengt, staendig zu regnen, reicht es aber wieder :)