Sunday, 16 February 2014

balm for the soul

Yesterday I went to an exhibition in Darmstadt, Germany.
Before I was allowed in I was forced to leave my bag and coat in a locker.

(One of my pet hates!!! Why oh why do German galleries/theatres/libraries/museums make it so bloody hard for people to visit? What am I going to do with my handbag - knocking someone out whilst breaking their jaw? Bagging the entire exhibits in order to sell them on the black market? Argggh)

Anyway, stripped of my coat and scarf I went in, showed my ticket and then the most amazing thing happened. The girl at the door looked at me and said "I love your jumper!"
It felt sooooo amazing.
And I have been good - I smiled and said thank you and for once didn't spoil the moment by quickly downgrading it with "Oh, this one? It was cheap, nothing special. Got it on sale"
Even though it was a cheap, nothing special "C&A" jumper I got on sale.

Maybe it's time to start a fashion blog ;-)


  1. Schön :) Aber warum macht man das mit "Ach, der ist aus dem SVV."? Ich mach das auch IMMER und es ist echt so ne blöde, blöde Angewohnheit....

  2. yes, plz... would love to see some of your looks :)