Monday, 24 February 2014


Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually a plant.

My daily life at least seems to be greatly influenced, if not ruled, by sunshine.
Late winter, the sun is out:
"It's spring! It smells of spring!! Vitamin D! Life has a meaning again! I wanna travel, go shopping, change my life, eat salads, take photos, climb Kilimanjaro, etc"

Late autumn, the sun is out:
"Who knows when it ever will be like this again. It might be the last time I see the sun. I'm feeling sorry for myself, very sorry. Best make use of it while I can!"

I simply need to be outside...preferably sitting on a sunny bench somewhere doing some serious people watching...and coffee-drinking...and reading...and writing.
I can have an important exam the next day and piles of work to do - stuff it, the sun is shining!
I NEED to go out (and can always get stuff done at night...turns out I can't as sun worshipping makes me tired too. Well, still passed everything I needed to eventually so must be doing something right)
Remember when I was trapped indoors during school or uni and I really suffered, worked myself up over the fact of missing out and got really cranky.

Shutters, blinds, curtains  - in my opinion all completely useless. Every ray of sun has to come in...after all nothing makes all the dust that has gathered inside stand out so nicely, doesn't it!?! Better to gain some wrinkles from squinting than sitting indoors with artificial light.

I'm a voyeurs dream and have been known for getting changed in bright light with the windows open too.
If you find nothing better to do than watching that's your problem, I don't care.
I can't sleep when it's completely dark in a room as I always fear I might have turned blind.
Nothing better than waking up with the sun tickling your face...or taking a nap in bright sunlight ...
Even though I'm not a sunbather and would never try desperately to tan and burn myself or enter the realm of a tanning studio, I'm a sucker for light.

Anyone else amongst my readers who simply cannot stay inside when the sun is shining and wonders if  they are a plant too?

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