Friday, 3 June 2011

books, etc.

This week Miss Winkelmann talks about books in her "Blogstöckchen" so I copy her questions and do the same :-)

Which book do you currently read?
for uni but actually really enjoy it so far: "The children´s book" by A.S.Byatt. But I'm one of those people starting 30 books at the same time...

first book you ever read without help?
honestly can´t remember

do you read a lot?
depends...I have reading phases. Sometimes I read 3-4 books in a week then nothing for 2 months.

favourite book?
several, don't habe the ONE

favourite children´s book?
"Der Brief für den König" and "Der wilde Wald" by Tonke Dragt. The first three Harry Potter books...and plenty more. Love Astrid Lindgren and couldn't get enough of the "Cindy" ballet books by Jean Estoril. And a bit of Enid Blyton from time to time is not wrong either.

a book you read in one go?
the last I remember was Daniel Glattauer's "Gut gegen Nordwind"

a book you hate?
there are loads of books I never finished (so far) but really hated?! Not even the infamous "Wetlands" by Charlotte Roche ;-)

favourite author?
again, don't have the one but I like Jane Austen, Bill Bryson, Theodor Fontane, Friedrich Hoelderlin

favourite magazine?
only British ones: "Red", "Marie Claire" and sometimes "InStyle" or "Elle" - depending on the freebies. Absolutely love reading magazines and can spend hours with every issue.

favourite type of book?
all sorts...have weak spot for travel guides. And I'm not really into crime novels or thrillers.

your favourite place to sit and read?
on a quiet park bench in Holland Park or Regent´s Park in London. I like reading in bed or on trains too but often fall asleep then...


  1. ..."depending on the freebies" sounds familiar ;)

  2. I love Astrid Lindgren. My absolute fav children's book has to be Ronja Raeubertochert :) aside from that we seem to have very similar reading habbits!