Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hollywood Lifestyle

I'm a bit late with answering this weeks "Blogstoeckchen" by Miss Winkelmann but as it is a rather unusual one, I just had to.

Imagine you would be an actress in Hollywood, just been casted for your big breakthrough film...

In which film do you play the leading character?
some arty French production winning in Cannes...a new Amelie Poulain

Your look?
same as now, streamlined for the screen. So less Gabourey Sidibe amd more Christina Hendricks. And hopefully never the one caught in Juicy Couture tracksuites...

where do you live?
 I will enjoy the luxury of not having to decide - a flat in Paris, a house in the English countryside, another flat in New York, one in Berlin, ...

your co-star?
Colin Firth of course...and to stop it from getting boring Patrick Bruel, Jeremy Northam. Nick Frost and Scarlett Johannson (God knows what sort of film THAT should make ;-))

your allures?
being brutally honest and therefore being disliked by most other celebs...

your special requirements?
having my own chaffeur 24hrs, that's all

what to do with the time between filming?
travel, shopping, eating, doing nothing - so pretty much like I'm doing already ;-)

your fans?
probably no teenies and that would be good

your problems?
not being used to all that and obsessively googling myself and thinking how to kill anyone who writes something bad about me...

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  1. Sounds like an interesting indie production ;)
    Liebe Grüße