Monday, 13 June 2011

the name of the rose...

or: a day along the rhine.

Although I spend all my life living at the entrance to the Rheingau I never actually spend much time there and so never warmed to it. The predjudice that only old people (basically the people I described here) go there to have wine in horribly unstylish glasses, ( Roemer) out of bottles which still have that very same eagle symbol on them they had in the 1930's/40'2...a kitschy and frumpy place full of rip-off's and gloom.

Yesterday two friends of my other half and me took us on a flash bang Rheingau Highlights tour anyway, and what shall I say. I absolutely loved it! Maybe I'm just getting older...and who says that one is not allowed to change opinion in life.

Kloster Eberbach

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