Friday, 27 May 2011

I spy with my little eye...

...something beginning with "G".
"G" for Germans. You can wander through London, through National Trust properties, airports or train stations. They are visible even when they don´t speak.
If you what ask any random non-German person they would probably describe them as the ones wearing leather shorts, funny hats, dirndls and have long blond braided hair (hmm, the women at least).
But I have found much more realistic ways to spot Germans abroad.

They always wear proper coats, preferably from Jack Wolfskin. Rain or shine, summer or winter - Germans on a city trip are prepared for everything in their wind and weather proof functional anoraks.

They always wear proper shoes as well, many wear real hiking boots but at least a sensible and hardy pair of trainers it has to be.

They always carry a water bottle and a banana and/or a muesli bar with them. No quick ready made sandwich or packet of crisps for them, no.

If over 60 they mostly dress in beige. Beige shoes, beige coats, beige trousers or skirts.
 The women love taking bagpacks. But the majority decides against the practical big one - no, they love the mini versions which unfortunately once were fashionable for a very short time in the 90´s.

If you haven´t spotted them yet you only have to watch them for a while. If they sit on bench staring at the hip and fashionable it-crowd in Camden or Shoreditch and quite openly talk about them, that´s German behaviour. Less "Live and let live", more slagging people of.

I´m sure there can be more points added to my list but with this collection it should be fairly easy to find some Germans. Just look for the people looking dressed for all weather, looking sensible and a bit boring while chewing their bananas.

PS: And no, I don´t mean to offend anyone :-)


  1. lol, I noticed the growing numbers too! if you speak German and you listen you also notice this nasty habit of comparing things. drives me crazy. like "at home we do it like this", or "I've seen something like this in ... (insert whatever German city here)and it was much better, bigger, cleaner, it worked better, was (of course) better organized". I'm always tempted to ask what they are doing here if nothing can live up to their standards!?

    oh, I better stop bitching ;)