Monday, 9 May 2011


The sewing machine was definitely one of my better buys recently. Never thought I would enjoy sewing that much and that I would have enough patience for it (found out that easy things go rather quick so that makes me happy). Yesterday's project were pillow covers for our 4 garden chairs (I know, not one of the more elaborate things to do but at least a start). The fabric came, as usual, from IKEA. I'm pleased with the result  - today I will start working on the piece of fabric that will substitute a headboard for our new bed. Will keep you posted :-)


  1. Woooow beautyful... I love them!

  2. Wow, die sind großartig. Ich kann gar nix :D Aber wir haben definitiv denselben Filmgeschmack, denn ich stimme dir totaaaal zu, sexy sind die Charaktere beim Onkel Woody meistens, aber UNNUETZ^^ Gute Nacht!

  3. nice, I recently learned how to use a sewing machine and made some pillow cases too. it's a nice hobby. I wish I had enoug space to get a sewing machine for home!