Friday, 27 May 2011

video killed the radio star...

Another "Blogstoeckchen" from lovely as ever Miss Winkelmann:

Do you like watching tv? How much do you watch?
I do watch tv but I could quite easily live without. Sometimes I need a tv binge of trashy programs like "Dating in the dark", "Four weddings" or four episodes of obscure "Come dine with me" in a row but in general I'm an internet junkie, not a telly one.

What type of program do you like most?
documentaries, docu soaps and travel magazines

best channels?
BBC, Channel 4, arte, Vox

best series?
Sex and the city...can watch it again and again and again and never made me a tv series cry so hard as the last episode did.

best crime series?
none, don't ever watch crime

best documentary?
best reality-tv?
so many, the most recent one I got addicted to was "My big fat gypsy wedding", don't know in which of the two categories that falls though...and I can't get enough of all the "Goodbye Deutschland" expat programs. Another thing I enjoy is watching Jamie Oliver cooking while travelling the world.
best film?
"Amelie" - there are a few films I adore but this one is special. The first film I watched which made me feel fully understood. Know it by heart...

best news program?
don't like news and try to avoid them as they are normally only two sorts of news: the utterly boring ones or the ones upsetting me.

best children's program?
all Astrid Lindgren adaptions, Loewenzahn, Die Sendung mit der Maus

best sports program?
pfff, as if I would watch that!

favourite person on screen?
Guenther Jauch, Stephen Fry

do you like commercial breaks?
as long as they are not too repetitive I don't mind them too much. But the English ones are so much more fun. So much more silly music or singing involved there...

your tv pet hate?
all casting shows, TV used as white noise in the background

channel-surfer or staying loyal to a program?
in Germany I don't have too much choice but over in England I can't resist the temptation to flick through the hundreds of sky channels in search for the ultimate one...


  1. *hüstl* TV als Hintergrunduntermalung ist genau mein Ding *g*

    Schade, dass das morgen nicht klappt, aber ich werde es überleben und wir holen's dann einfach ein anderes Mal nach! Viel Vergnügen und Erfolg und was auch immer beim Seminar morgen!

  2. Du hast es gut, dass Du soviele TV Sender zur Auswahl hast! Hätt ich auch gerne, aber dann würd ich wahrscheinlich noch mehr Serien finden^^

    Die Wände werden weiss- das ganze Haus wird erstmal weiss!
    Ob ich dann nochmal irgendeine Wand bunt haben möchte seh ich hinterher- aber eigentlich möchte ich in meiner Deko unabhängig sein!
    Wenn alles weiss ist , kann ich lila, grün oder pink nehmen wann immer ich mag ;)