Saturday, 14 May 2011

my travel dilemma

I have a dream...a dream that I walk through an airport with a cute designer handbag containing only a few essentials like lipstick, credit card and passport (of course in a stylish leather holder) stored neatly.
With a smart little trolley which follows me everywhere or a timeless Louis Vuitton travel hold-all dangling nonchalantly from my shoulder. Me sparkling with elegance and class, a cosmopolitan not a tourist.
And then I wake up and reality kicks in. I have not a handbag but a hold-all from Primark. Stuffed with books, asparagus, diaries, camera equipment, cat treats and whatelse I don't trust to put into hold luggage and desperately need. The passport doesn't fit a nice leather holder and is hiding somewhere in that chaos called handluggage, the lipstick hidden in a transluscent re-sealable plastic bag. I can hardly lift it and never find anything in it.
My suitcase is a 6 year old Samsonite with a big rip on top. Bashed and battered and never carrying anything under 20kilos. And I struggle and fight and sweat dragging all my belongings through endless airport corridors listening to the rhythmic flip and flop of my cheap and security-friendly shoes...


  1. ha, sounds familiar :)

  2. Haha! I sort of recognise myself here... But why would you be carrying asparagus in your hand luggage?

  3. Travelling from one home to the other one I carry the most amazing things in my luggage ;-)) And as I don't get white asparagus in the UK...

  4. something we definetely share - well... without the asparagus maybe ;)

  5. I know what you are talking about too :)