Sunday, 22 May 2011

When I'm grown up...

...I wanna be a wedding photographer. With a proper expensive camera and even more expensive lenses. With a Mac to work on and a full copy of Photoshop (and the ability to use it would be helpful as well). And a car that brings me wherever I should be (and the confidence to actually drive it)...and paying customers.

Until that all will come true, haha, I do my best with what I've got.
So here are a few shots of the low-key registrar office wedding of a distant family member (my husbands step-half-sister) I went to last thursday in Norwich.
Considering I was not allowed to take pictures during the actual ceremony (Norfolk rules, fuck them!!! While posting this I'm still busy writing my complaint letter...won't change a thing but will make me happier about this nuisance) I think I didn't do too badly...


  1. theser are lovely :) photoshop is not that hard by the way. I would be more worried about the driving bit (not having a license...). good luck with the complaint :)

  2. i love close-ups like those... but i hope there´s more with entire people? ;)

    don´t stop working on your dream! a girl i know does the same... and is rather busy working as a (part time) wedding photographer now.

  3. yes, loads of groupshots and the couple head to toe but I didn't wanna show them around too much on a blog open for the whole world :-)

  4. Well done! I like them a lot!

    The picture of the big wheel is just some picture I downloaded years ago.... I like it though and it's a good placeholder in the frame for now ;)

    You don't happen to be in Mainz next Saturday? ;)

  5. Ich bin sehr flexibel :) Ich sollte nur zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt am Baseball-Feld auftauchen. Kann morgens losfahren wann ich will, brauche so 2 Stunden. Spiel beginnt glaub ich um 13Uhr, aber da so was sehr lange dauert, tauche ich selten vor 15, 16Uhr dort auf - zumindest letztes Jahr. Ich kenne mich allerdings gar nicht aus, in Mainz, weiß nur wo M wohnt... und hab den Straßennamen grad vergessen, von der Autobahn runter, dann rechts, dann links :D