Monday, 16 May 2011

smeels like a dupe

Helène D'Arcy Enjoue Eau de Parfum...I'm not normally one for cheap perfumes as I have quite a thing for all sorts of scents, and most of them from the higher end of the market, but last week I stumbled across this one. Sprayed it in Rossmann last week out of desperation as I left house without spraying myself with something nice - I know I'm weird but that makes me feel so naked that whenever I have the chance I have to sneak in a shop and "test" a perfume.

I didn't expect lots when using this 4,99 Euro Eau de Parfum but was surprised...I knew this smell...I knew it's a dupe. Not a long lasting one but nevertheless a dupe! Of  Hugo Boss Intense, a scent I quite like and use fairly often. So if you like the Boss scent, are not opposed of cheap perfumes and wander past a German Rossmann drugstore: try this one! Might not look overly stylish on the dressing table but who cares anyway when you can make a bargain!?


  1. thanks... i´ll be in germany soon... time to check the rossmann parfume section ;)

  2. oje... nee, da pass ich jetzt doppelt auf mit den wespen!!! danke für die info!