Sunday, 22 May 2011

bargain hunt in Norwich

It has been very quiet here over the last days but I was on a short-break to Norfolk in order to attend and shoot a wedding and, while there, have a look around and have a few good days in a tent again (more about that later).

I was delighted to find a cheap "Savers" drugstore in Norwich as I had my eyes set on what looks to be the ultimate bargain.
I read about it in Georgia's Blog and since then was obsessed:
A 1,99£ dupe for the highly expensive Benefit Hoola matte bronzer!
It looks similar and so far does exactly what it says on the box - it is a matte bronzer where a little goes a long way. I'm not an expert and never owned a proper Benefit product but who cares. I was/am over the moon :-)
And while looking around "Savers" (it's not the prettiest of shops but belongs to the Superdrug chain and has cleaning stuff as well which is more similar to German drugstores so basically - it's a British "Schlecker") I found a true and proper Calvin Klein transluscent lipgloss for 2,99. Don't know if maybe it is reaching it's sell-by date or if CK has stopped doing beauty products but again, who cares!? I'm happy about my two little bargains!

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  1. That bronzer looks so good! And so similar to the one from Benefit!
    Unfortunately, there are no Savers shops near me. Boo.