Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shop until you drop

Another "Blogstoeckchen" by Miss Winkelmann, as a shopping addict I couldn't resist ;-)

Do you like shopping?'s as simple as that

What do you like the most to shop? unfortunately everything. Absolute favourite is probably buying drugstore things. But I enjoy buying clothes, bags, shoes, IKEA things and I absolutely love the daily grocery shopping tour as well. Lidl, Aldi, Asda or Morrisons...could spend ages looking at all the things they have.

What don't you like? hardly anything but if I have to pick one it is: buying DIY stuff. Usually ends up being very pricey without any fun...

favourite shop? so many but the one I can never resist must be Primark.

your most recent buy? a flowery vintage 70's dress from Rokit in London. The first time I found something reasonably priced there which even fitted! Wish the sizing in vintage clothing would be more reliable...

you like shopping on holidays? yes, but: In the southern countries and France I can't buy clothes as it's all too small. Good that there are so much more things to buy than just clothes...;-) Favourite is buying foreign everyday stuff like lip balm, jam, biscuits or tinned things...if the tins are nice they make beautiful flower pots and vases afterwards.

your favourite shopping partner? I enjoy shopping the most when I'm on my own. If I have to pick partners then it is my shopping-loving husband or my mum which has a similar taste to mine.

you exchange or return a lot to the shops? no, hardly ever. Don't think of it, can't be bothered or maybe it simply means I'm good at shopping?! Maybe returned 4-5 things in my entire life.

what do you hate about shopping? when it's busy. That's why I avoid all sorts of shops on friday afternoon and saturdays. And shop assistants which constantly tidy up whatever I dared to touch...I normally end up making a bigger mess then on purpose.

Budget? not great as I don't have an income

second hand? yes, as much as possible. Vowed that 2011 will be my year of donating clutter and clothes to charity shops and buying more there. Since last october I'm only buying books second hand, my dressing table came from ebay and my newest addiction are car boot sales and vintage shops. And I just handed in the 5th bag to a charity shop so it goes very well and is very satisfactory indeed. I would love to buy more clothes second-hand but unfortunately styles that look quirky and stylish on someone Alexa Chung sized, looks more Susan Boyle on me...

special shopping moment? buying a Longchamp bag in the Lafayette department store in Paris and being let through in their shop by a huge, impressive looking doorman lifting the velvet rope for me.

best place to shop? London...or every other good-sized British town.

most expensive buy? a semi-detached house...

biggest shopping mistake? as a young teenager I was picked up plimsolls in Aldi...unfortunately I got it wrong and bought two left ones...

you shop with lists or spontaneously? a combination of both...often write lists but in the end forget to look at them or can´t find them in the depth of my handbag anymore


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  2. Good point about picking up everyday stuff in foreign countries. I tend to do that too, but had forgotten about it. (Probably an indication that I buy way too much clutter in the first place ;).
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ich habe noch ein Paar pinke Crocs - aber die nutz ich mehr im Garten und jetzt wo Du es sagst... ja tatsächlich ... ist nichts Buntes dabei - ich glaub, das muss ich ändern^^