Wednesday, 11 May 2011

my London dilemma...

When I go to London I normally start my day at 6 in the morning and get home around 7 in the evening. And not only that my days are fairly long, I'm a walker. I enjoy walking, it doesn't really tire me out and I'm simply too tightfisted to spend more money than necessary for tube rides. So for me it is absolutely fine and normal to start at Primark Oxford Street and during he day walk up to Hampstead Heath. Sometimes I think I even invented a new sport like that - "Urban Hiking" ;-)
Anyway, as we all know London can be a very stylish place...lovely and chic shoes belong to that lifestyle...I like beautiful shoes...I even can walk in heels...but:
With my days in the capital sometimes involving more than 12km of walking, how could I ever manage that in heels?!? I always look at some London ladies and envy them...for their petite frame, the wonderful shoes and the money to get a taxi for every step.
So my personal London dilemma is being stuck with comfy and reliable shoes that would suit village idiots while I'm dreaming of a life in Louboutins...*sigh




  1. I have the same dilemma but in Berlin it's not the distance but the tiny cobbled and uneven pavements. I've wrecked so many high-heels on Berlin's streets, although chunky heels make it easier (you can also walk further in them too, although I'm not sure about 12km!)

  2. Marble Arch to Hampstead Heath? I am impressed!
    My friends and I had a "tube walk" phase. We wanted to see what our regular lines looked overground. Hence we did a Jubilee Line Walk (Bermondsey to Bond Street) and a Central Line Walk (Bank to Marble Arch). However, we saw this as a goofy "two-off"...
    Liebe Grüße