Tuesday, 28 June 2011

little bit of an addiction...

As I have mentioned before my mum and I are real Longchamp bag addicts. It started when a friend had one in 2002, I suddenly was convinced I needed one too and ran to a small shop in town on a saturday afternoon to buy my first one. The colour was taupe and the size s.
Then it started...there were sales...there was Paris with it´s two flagship stores...there were new colours...and more sales...
So it happened that now we own 20 Longchamp bags (three are missing on the photo as they are on exchange holidays in England and wanted to get a change of scenery).
Think of me whatever you want - I love them :-)


  1. This is pretty awesome :D Though I prefer the "Hobo"-style.

  2. One of those I have in England is a hobo one :-)

  3. hallo, habe es gestern erst zur post geschafft.lg