Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Music Challenge (1): Your favourite song

As it is absolutely impossible for me to just pick one song now, I decided to pick the first suitable song that comes to my mind for the challenge and still think it should be a weird mix at the end.

So, my favourite song is:
I just don't know with myself by "The White Stripes".

Even after using it in a uni project years ago, I still love it. And the video of Kate Moss, now mostly blocked by annoying youtube for being "inappropriate", pfff.
Anyway, great mix between a ballad and a rock number, great song and I simply adore the White Stripes (too bad they split...). And it helps that Jack White is sexy, in a weird way...:-)

1 comment:

  1. Hach ja, die White Stripes... so toll :)

    Meine Eltern sind übrigens auf Jersey - Insel-Hopping-Fahrradtour. Glücklicherweise gilt dort auch das Pfund Sterling, sonst wäre ich ja völlig umsonst auf der Bank gewesen ;)