Monday, 11 July 2011

Music Challenge (6): A song that reminds you of somewhere

Our school skiing trip to Neukirchen, Austria in grade 8.
I didn't want to go, was afraid of homesickness. I was (/am) so not sporty so my interest in skiing was non existent. 10 long days away from home with a pubescent school class full of wannabe- romances and their failures and several half-hearted suicide attempts of girls standing on my balcony was as annoying as it sounds, I didn't get involved and dreamed of going to theatre instead and being back within my own life. And while skiing (which sounds way posher than the reality was) I had this song on my mind...always, no idea why apart from having heard it on a Kuschelrock compilation.

"'74 -'75" by The Connells

After 10 days of terror, homesickness, gruesome food and nearly breaking legs we came home again and I kissed the ground. I hate Austria since then...but I still like the song.


  1. So sorry to hear that you don't like Austria - it's really a beautiful country and perhaps worth a second chance... maybe in summer? I have a few songs that take me back to exact moments in my life too. Not always happy ones either. :)

  2. I have been once again - in Salzburg and it was ok but nothing more again. The only place I will definitely give a chance is Vienna. Just never seem to get any cheap flights so I´m still waiting

  3. Sounds like my personal nightmare. My biggest issue with class trips was that there never were enough decent bathrooms. Hated it.