Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I wanna be like Grace Kelly, yeah

before the next big royal wedding of the year is completely forgotten again, here a collection of things that I noticed (of coursed I watched it with a lot of anticipation):

1. The live commentary by the ZDF - a desaster. So many mistakes, so much bullshit said (who thinks that Jutta Kleinschmidt - a Paris/Dakar driver who happens to live in Monaco makes a suitable guest reporter for a royal wedding?!?), they missed exciting guests, and embarrassed themselves with the (Freudian) mistake of saying "Trauerfeier" (funeral) instead of "Trauung" (wedding).

2. Monaco itself - I don't care how often I get told how beautiful and safe and lovely it is. For me it looks like a Brasilian ghetto and if I would have the millions to belong to the it-crowd I would for sure find somewhere better than a shoebox apartment in the 24th floor with a racetrack to my feet.

3. Prince Albert - dressed in white. Not sexy.

4. Princesses Caroline and Stefanie, horrible. Common. Arrogant (e.g. Caroline´s daugter!!!). And Stefanie looks more and more like a man which can´t be a good thing.

5. Jean-Michel Jarre without a tie, sunglasses on and on the phone while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Lacking any respect and taste.

6. VIP guests taking photos during the ceremony. For fucks sake, you are supposed to be an a-list celeb - you should be the star and not play the paparazzo.

7. Many many mismatched hats and dresses...looks like some got surprised by the sunny weather and the dresscode.

8. The music, kitsch.


9. The bride. Beautiful veil, boring rest. Desastrous baby blue outfit for the registrar´s office. Face expression like a cow, a cow attending a funeral...will that marriage last??

But all in all I can´t get enough of royal weddings. And it was nice to see the other royal couples again.


  1. lol... the bride scared the hell out of me... otherwise i was just bored...

    i prefer "real" royal weddings ;)

  2. lol, I didn't see the actual event, but everything leading up to it made me expect the worst!