Saturday, 9 July 2011

Music Challenge (5): A song that reminds you of someone

2004 I worked at a local theatre festival and went to Frankfurt to see a Finnish play. One of my best friends came as well and brought her best friend, J, who I never met before. We all got on extremely well and formed a friendship trio. I found out about their love for karaoke and it didn't take long until I joined in. One summer we spend at least 3 nights a week together touring the pubs and bars of the the region for karaoke evenings. We had a lot of fun and I even started singing as well (although always with at least one partner, never alone).  Their favourite song which they nearly always sang was:

"All for love" by Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart

Although it never was as intense again as during that one summer filled with music, long conversations and train rides, films watched together and nights wasted playing Cluedo, we still had a lot in common and spend an awful lot of time together. As time went by it became harder to see each other regularly. Me being often in England and falling in love, they being busy graduating from uni. J forgot my birthday, me being extremely sensitive when it comes to that deleted her in my first rage from a social network profile. She was pissed of and so was I. No one wanted to make the first step again, our poor third member was trying to mediate the situation. I finally wanted to make a change and apologized. We have met again, rarely, it always has been nice but that special bond was gone. I tried to stay in touch, to revive that old trio but so far it hasn't worked out again...but when I hear that song (which we never actually sang all together) I will always think of the great times we had (and the knowledge that friendships are not always forever).

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  1. seems like very close and intense friendships always, or often, end like this. some minor ting starts a huge argument and there is no going back. happened to me just two days ago. it's sad.