Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Back to Black

Although it wasn't unexpected and of course is overshadowed by the horrible events in Norway - I was truly shocked by the news that Amy Winehouse has died. "Back to Black" must be one of my favourite albums of all times, I like(d) her for the cool attitude and weird style. For the fact that she made it trendy to wear soft pink ballet flats pretty much anywhere. For making me think that tattoos are actually stylish and pretty. And for opening a new chapter in music history so people like Paloma Faith, Adele or Duffy could follow...
Being a member of the 27 Club might sound exciting, I'm sure she would have been better off alive and singing....

Here a beautifully written piece on her death by Russell Brand (who is surprisingly sane in this one):

For Amy - Russell Brand

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  1. you are right, it didn't come as a surprise. out of all the people struggling with fame and addictions she was the one I would have been surpised to make it out of it. still very sad to lose her. and not just because of her talent.