Sunday, 17 July 2011

Music Challenge (9): A song that you can dance to

I might be a ballerina trapped in a rhino's body (yes, I never was a skinny girl and still there was a time when I dreamed of becoming a classical dancer, haha...) but I have never seen a club from the inside. Honest. So no "social" dancing for me. But I went to the usual ballroom dancing lessons when I was about 14years old and enjoyed it (the dancing, not the forced smalltalk, first romances of other people and the sweaty palms). My favourite dances were and still are ChaChaCha and Rumba. I never have had the occasion since to do some "proper" dancing but when I listen to that version of the song I can at least dream about it.

Coldplay/Rhythms del Mundo: "Clocks"

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