Monday, 30 December 2013


All the last years I took a look at my old resolutions for a is the one for 2013 (even though in my mind we can only just have June or July and not end of December!)

2013 I wanted to:
  • buy/consume in small independent shops/cafes instead of chains whenever possible (-> I do try but have to try harder...sometimes browsing though a huge "Waterstones" and drinking a "Costa" latte is just too comforting)
  • read less reviews, forums and yellow press online as it tends to wind me up or upset me only (-> I have read less but still wasted too much time on dailymail, bild, tripadvisor...)
  • work harder for both universities (-> ha ha ha)
  • more de-cluttering at home (-> I'm maybe 10% there so no real success)
  • trying to be more groomed, more chipped nail polish or grown out hair cuts for the generation 30+ (->I started using a hot cloth cleanser in the evening, have tidy nails - at least when I'm likely to meet someone- and get regular and fantastic haircuts, yeah! But it´s still a long way till becoming a lady*sigh)
  • visit theatres at least 30x, reading 30 books and watching 30 films (accomplished if not over-achieved )
  • all the remaining points from 2012 (tattoo, shopping, running, family planning) (->don't ask...but I have shopped significantly less in 2013 and spend more money on tickets, holidays and great food. Not run a single mile. Not seen a tattoo studio from the inside. Not found my maternal instinct yet.)

 so 2014 I want to:

  • find a yoga drop-in class in England to stretch those aging muscles again...and to build a closer bond to my English home
  • take part in the London Shine marathon to support Cancer Research UK again...walking 42km through London at night in September
  • to go to a professional bra fitting and from then on only wear bras that do fit (sounds silly but I think it is a rather sensible decision)
  • travel more
  • read one proper book in French
  • meet new people to broaden my horizon and "refresh" my circle of friends
  • keep on consuming as much theatre, concerts, exhibitions, books, albums, films as possible
  • the same as the last years (make my mind up when it comes to family planning, getting the second tattoo, do some university work, support smaller shops/cafes, shop less)
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!


  1. like your resolutions... and this bra-fitting is a good idea ;)

  2. happy new year to you too. I find your resolutions interesting. I'd love to support smaller, independent coffee shops, but they are always tucked away somewhere, close early, or want you to leave once you finished your drink... and I just love spending a few hours out there, reading & people watching... as to the bra fitting. as you very well know, totally unnecessary for me ;) ha!