Sunday, 24 August 2014

BP Portrait Award 2014

Same procedure as every year - since June the National Portrait Gallery in London is showing their selection of this year´s BP Portrait Award entries again.
As usual the quality is very high and every so often you cannot help but staring at a painting and being amazed by the technical skills displayed and the intensity of expression.

Most of the times I seem to find a theme many artists have followed in a year and this time this has to be the sitter being placed comfortably, self-confident and proud in his chair at home.

This years first prize winner is Thomas Ganter from Frankfurt with his orthodox icon alike portrait of a homeless man.

Man with a Plaid Blanket, Thomas Ganter

Passers by, Lantian D

31 years, Tanya Wischerath

Self-portrait after the Fire, Lisa Stokes

Virginia Sullivan, Benjamin Sullivan

David, Parmen Daushvili

Andrea and Myrtle, Simon Davis

The exhibition is still on until the 21st September at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the admission is free!


  1. i reallyreally need to put this on my agenda! would love to see it :)

  2. ah, can't believe I'm going to miss it this year :(