Saturday, 16 August 2014

everyday (part 32)

one first time each and every day - a new taste, a new experience, a new route, a new song, a new whatever. 

6. - 12. August

6.8. entertained a friend´s two little daughters in a bookshop by trying to read Die kleine Spinne Widerlich to them - I might have hidden maternal qualities after all ;-)
7.8. visited another friend in their new flat in Wiesbaden only two years after they moved - better late than never
8.8. tried the rice pudding ice cream at N´Eis in Mainz but wasn´t overly taken by it´s solid frozen rice corns
9.8. went to the old centre of Mainz-Bretzenheim and had a look at the church were my next wedding will take place
10.8. had fun celebrating the christening of my best friend´s daughter and documenting it with my camera
11.8. shared a plate full of Belgian waffles with my literally oldest friend (had a really social week) at Café Hauptwache in Frankfurt
12.8. bought four large cooking cucumber for taking to England with me - you can´t buy them over here and my plan is to stuff them with minced meat and dill

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  1. "where my next wedding will take place" - that sounds funny without knowing the context ;)