Sunday, 3 August 2014


I can't imagine a day without being tormented, entertained, amused or at least accompanied by one or more earworms - snippets of songs that suddenly appear in my head, stick there, and then make place for another one.
Sometimes I can understand their origin - a song that played in a driving by car, a radio advert or the song that woke you as an alarm in the morning.
Other times it is completely random. Suddenly this melody pops up and there it is.
Of course it is never a full song, no, normally it's one line that "plays" in an endless loop in my ear.
It's not something I ever thought about lots but recently I talked to someone (can't even remember who it was - probably my current earworm at the time was just singing too loudly) and he or she said "No, I don't often get them".
I wonder now, is it not normal to have music in your brain pretty much all of the time when you are awake?

As a glimpse into my potentially abnormal and weird soul - here is yesterday's playlist:

in the morning it was this, no idea where I picked it up (but I like it)

later and only for a short time it was, another "favourite" of mine (I can't even click on the video now otherwise it is back and here to stay)

for an even shorter time it was this because the traffic lights beep in the exact same rhythm

then  popped up, why? No idea...

to bed I went with the help of, a re-occuring friend

Tell me, are there similar parties going on between your ears?

PS: I know that earworm is not exactly a standart British word but "catchy tune" or "haunting melody" simply don't have the same ring to them. 

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  1. interesting playlist.... honestly, this one is more interesting than most i see on blogs :D
    maybe you could share some in the future?

    i listen to music while working so there's no real chance of this Ohrwurm thing ... but mornings usually start with them :)