Friday, 21 November 2014

I want to ride my bicycle

Fee from "Fee ist mein Name" has written a lovely post about her obsession with taking photos of bicycles whenever she spots a picturesque one. The funny thing is that her relationship with two-wheelers is a slightly traumatic one after she came off her bike as a child which lead to a badly scratched half face and made her look like the phantom of the opera for a while.

Her post inspired me - I suddenly realized that I have a fairly large number of bike photos on my hard drive too!
Here is a random collection retrieved from my data vaults today, I'm sure there is much more if I would look harder.

And now comes the punchline: My relationship with bikes is not exactly a troubled one, no, I cannot even ride a bike!
I best start thinking about secret wishes, fears and desires, compensations, my id, ego and super-ego now...;-)


  1. not being able to ride a bike is a bit like my granny who can't swim...
    anyway... you still can take those pics ;)

    1. well at least I can swim - learned it when I was, hmm, 12 years old already ;-)

  2. I love the last one :)! There should definitely be more bike murals...

  3. Eine schöne Idee.Schöne Bilder.
    Vll komme ich dazu und schaue mal in meine Sammlung :)