Sunday, 23 October 2011

15 questions... found at Miss W's wonderful blog

1. Have you ever shared a duvet in bed?
yes, in good old English tradition we only have one duvet

2.Can you watch horror films?
no, and I don't want to. Watched "The Ring" once...without sound and with my eyes mostly covered...still haunting me so I don't see the point in watching things that make me feel bad

3. You find it awkward to get complimented on something?
sometimes yes. I don't like being in the centre of attention...but I hate being ignored too. Guess I'm complicated ;-)

4. Did you have a bad dream last night?
fortunately not. But I dream nearly every night and only the most weird, upsetting, surreal and repetitive things...could talk for hours about all the dreams I remember

5. Do you have a song in your head right now?
yes, the last song I watched on youtube

6. The way you look right now, could you go out?
If the house would be on fire, sure. But for any other event tracksuit bottoms, fluffy slippers and panda eyes wouldn't be a good look

7. Would you like to have a small pet dog to carry around in a bag?
no, don't really fancy having a dog in general. I'm a cat lover. But I would take the LV bag those dogs seem to come in ;-)

8. Are you friendly towards everyone? have my moments ;-) If I don't wanna talk, I don't wanna talk. But I always say thank you and mean it if e.g. someone holds a door open.

9. Do you eat meat?
yes, but I often think about stopping.

10. Nutella or peanut butter?
both! but not on the same slice of bread of course

11. You have something at home which you don't actually own?
library books, my husbands iPod cable which I took with me by mistake

12. Last time you consumed alcohol?
dinner, when I used white wine for making a mushroom sauce

13. Are you  a singer?
not really. Not that many wrong notes but just not a singer's voice. Doesn't stop me from karaoke or Singstar though...

14. Do you want kids?
yes! Fairly soon and not just one

15. Why are filling in this questionnaire?
in order to avoid working on my urgent uni paper

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  1. Never really thought properly about the sharing-the-duvet-issue. Is it really the case, that most couples in Germany have a duvet each? I had assumed that it was a global married thing to share a duvet ;)