Thursday, 27 October 2011


If you are a experienced London shopper I probably don´t tell you anything new here, but anyway.

I want to tell you about the shopping wonderland that is called "Liberty".
The business dates back as far as 1875 and is now easily spotted just of Regent Street as it is in a impressive fake tudor building and looks a bit like the Globe Theatre.

Strangely I heard lots about it and was aware that they are especially famous for a huge collection of typical floral and ornamental fabrics - but I always walked by.

Finally I went in and was smitten, enchanted and overwhelmed at the same time. The beautiful old building with it´s wooden interior. The exquisite smells coming from the cosmetic and scented candle departments. The busy quietness. The handpicked, classy items. The immaculate presentation. And the complete absence of pushy and snooty sales assistants...heaven.

An experience for all senses that is so worth it even though their prices are definitely high. But I happily only look around and end up buying only a handkerchief when the whole experience is so marvellous and inspiring.
The perfect place to find special things and to escape the uniformity of all chain stores, something like a shopping spa in the middle of the typical London West End hustle. No ostantatious high end shopping but true class and charme.

So, if you haven´t been yet, make sure you go and find out yourself when you are in London again...


  1. 1. I did not know that it is "fake" tudor ;)
    2. The haberdashery is one of my favourite places to shop
    3. I find that the stuff they sell on the ground floor, esp. the atrium (handbags, accessories) is fairly ostentatious.

  2. Ich finde auch die Handtaschen im Erdgeschoss harmlos, man darf sie u
    anfassen und angucken ohne boese angeschaut zu werden :-)

  3. ha, believe it or not, I've never been in there. walked past it a million times. I might have a look tomorrow...