Monday, 10 October 2011

Going to the chapel...

...gonna get married!

After shooting my first wedding last september quite succesfully (I'm not bragging - just got some very positive feedback and if the couple likes them, what more do you want!?) I got another chance this year. Together with my also photographing husband we took loads of photos at my friends church ceremony and had the honour of accompanying them all day long .
Hoping for many more weddings to come...what a shame though that not every bride will be as photogenic as my dear friend and namesake :-) What a great day it was...


  1. those some really nice shots you made... thx to the couple that let you show them!

    i am a big fan of those "caught in the moment" shots... and the black&white ones are especially lovely :)

  2. yeah, I don't like those "and now do this and that and say cheese" photos...biggest compliment I got was the groom saying that he hardly ever noticed getting his picture taken all day :-)

  3. great photos. I agree, the more natural shots are much better than the posed ones that still too many people seem to get!