Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tea for Two

Sometimes you see slightly odd things during the day.
On monday I sat in the local Costa and wrote in my diary while enjoying my coffee.
A young woman, slender, with dark longish hair, modern glasses and on crutches sat on one of the window tables. She had two small portions of tea on her tray. First she poured the tea of the one pot into her cup and drank it...and then she drank the tea out of pot number 2 in cup number 2. A completely insignificant and harmless scene probably not overlooked by anyone else but me. But I wondered: Did she expect someone who didn't turn up? Did something with her order got messed up and she got one pot too much? Was she just in the mood for maybe two different sorts of tea? Or is it even some sort of ritual to always drink for two in memory of something or someone?
I will never find out...but it reminded me a bit of the story in SATC series 6 episode 6 when Carrie does the jury work and watches the old man having a fruit which you can't eat as a snack in his suitcase.

"Hey, you're never going to believe it. Do you know the mango guy?
He pulled out... / A pineapple?
A coconut."