Friday, 15 March 2013

50 random facts about me

  1. I was born on Pancake Day...explains it all
  2. I have never seen "The Big Bang Theory" or "How I met your mother" and have no clue what it is about
  3. I took 47 driving lessons before passing my test (passed at the first attempt though)
  4. I don´t own an eReader and have no intention to ever have one.
  5. I sometimes go to bed with my make-up on, shame on me.
  6. I have five magazine subscriptions.
  7. I like coffee and tea and couldn't give up on either.
  8. I own quite a lot of shoes that I have never worn outside.
  9. I can curl my tongue, not everyone can.
  10. I don't own a fancy coffee capsule machine.
  11. I don´t like even numbers.
  12. Weddings don´t make me cry.
  13. Suddenly I do like white chocolate.
  14. I could eat olives all day.
  15. I like eating currywurst but don't like the smell of it (and always with a beef sausage, never the "normal" one)
  16. I don´t like watching nature programmes as they make me unbelievably sad and leave me feeling guilty.
  17. I´m an only child, so is my dad, so was my mum and 2 out of 4 grandparents.
  18. I like using public transport.
  19. I like listening to people and trying to work out where their accent is from.
  20. My eyes are green (you woudln´t have guessed that with a blog name like mine, would you?!)
  21. I absolutely adore flea markets and car boot sales.
  22. I don´t like the smell of jasmin.
  23. If I get too much change back at a till/ in a restaurant I would never say something.
  24. I´m nosy.
  25. I own at least 70 pairs of earrings but can only find 4-5 matching pairs :-/
  26. I have bought my first ever pair of Dr Martens boots last week.
  27. The older I get the more I like strong cheese (Roquefort...hmm)
  28. Generally I find women with short hair more attractive than long haired ones.
  29. Generally I find men with long hair more attractive than short haired ones.
  30. I would never even consider that my future children could get baptised.
  31. I have never ever bought a plastic bag in a supermarket and absolutely HATE it when people do that.
  32. I don´t like cognac or brandy.
  33. I find drugstore shopping relaxing (as 99% of bloggers do I guess)
  34. If I don´t go to theatre at least once a week something is missing in my life.
  35. I don´t like snow.
  36. My biggest fear is becoming bourgeois (says the married person sitting in her suburban semi-detached house...*sigh)
  37. I never leave the house without wearing mascara but I don´t care which one it is, it's a boring product in my opinion.
  38. Canada and Australia are common dream destinations that don´t interest me in the slightest.
  39. When reading out loud I often mix up 89 and 98.
  40. I'm not particularly romantic.
  41. I hate the typical dog smell.
  42. I don´t get sick from not sitting in the direction of travel.
  43. I collect crockery.
  44. I have given up always trying to wear matching socks only.
  45. Reading stuff about money, finance and banking bores the hell out of me.
  46. My favourite fruit are raspberries.
  47. I love blind dates.
  48. I never had wisdom teeth in my lower jaw.
  49. I never answer the phone.
  50. I love blog tags :-)


  1. brilliant, I love these lists. I do have an ereader now, and it was the best purchase ever. just saying... :)


  2. I'm impressed that you found 50 things to say about yourself. I struggled to find 10!

    1. you make me sound pretty egocentric now ;-) But once you art thinking and typing 50 doesn-t seem that much at all.

  3. thx for sharing... there was a lot of stuff i could agree on :D

  4. Haha, Du bist irgendwie lustig. :o) Nicht zu einander passende Socken... :oD Das bekäme ich nicht übers Herz. :o)

    1. ich besitze mittlerweile soviele einzelne Socken und bin es Leid deswegen nun Plan B :-)

  5. Australia is worth the visit (but I'm only a little bit biased) and not nearly as hard to reach as you might think :)