Wednesday, 13 March 2013



Kurfürstenplatz 38
60486 Frankfurt

The only flagship store of the famous Ronnefeldt teas that I know of. Huge choice, pleasant interior design with the chance to sit down and order a tea too.
I love coming here not only because they store some of my absolute favourite loose teas ( e.g. Morgentau, Kokosnüsschen, Vanilla Chai ) but because the staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful. Never left so far without a free cup of tea to test, a sample to take home with me and the happy feeling great customer service leaves behind. My absolute favourite tea shop.

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  1. Ich trinke gerne Tee. In der Kö-Galerie soll es eine Ronnefeldt-Filiale geben, da muss ich vorbeischauen. Und vielen Dank für den Link, ich habe die Leseprobe "überflogen". Bin gespannt, ob Dir das Buch gefällt.