Saturday, 23 March 2013

bag parade, part one

Julia suggested yesterday that I could present my vast hand bag collection on the blog and, of course, I liked the idea. So here is part one...many will every is the saying going?! "Be careful what you wish for" :-)

where: Frankfurt, on sale
when: 2005 (remember it so clearly as we bought it a day after Rudolf Mooshammer was murdered)

One of three very large Longchamp Pliages I own. Don´t use it very often due to it´s size but it´s handy when I need a lot of space (e.g. for hiding my coat when in theatre or carrying lots of camera stuff). I like the unusual muted coral colour.


  1. Love the color! Just thinking of having one of those XL bags for my ZUMBA stuff... I like this year's blue... it's bright and nice.

  2. oh, nice! i have the best ideas :)

    can't wait for the next stories... and bags!