Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sommer aus Papier

Yesterday the middle of Germany was hit by the worst snowfall this whole winter - the busses stopped for a while during the morning, the trains were late, the airport was shut in the afternoon.
It seems to be absolutely typical for me that I have a ticket for a concert in the evening in Frankfurt on days like that, 35km away, booked long ago on a warm and sunny day....
The majority of the day I spent checking Facebook, the bus and the venue´s website in order to find out if I would stand a chance to reach my destination. I hate this time-wasting and end up in exactly this "should I? shouldn't I??" situation way to often... a luxury problem, I know, but a very annoying one.
Anyway, I have never been someone to give up my plans quickly so I ventured out and, to my own surprise, arrived in Frankfurt on time! Yeehaa!

The reason: the concert of the wonderful Anna Depenbusch (not the most catchy of names I admit).
The audience was well behaved, I had a good view of the stage from my (cheap) seat and I was happy to dry my soaked boots for a while.

The concert itself was nice, very nice. I just love Anna´s strong and clear voice and adore especially her ballads.
Maybe it was a bit short and the moderations between the songs sounded a bit too rehearsed and uninspired but still: I enjoyed it a lot.

But have a look and listen for yourself:

my absolute favourite song that unfortunately didn´t get performed ;-(

 another favourite...

and a more happy and summery song, perfect in the current weather.

All in all a brilliant evening braving the elements and enjoying a great female singer/songwriter!

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