Friday, 22 March 2013

on the road 3

Friday afternoon, a bus in Wiesbaden...two girls, I guess around 15-16 years old, sit behind me.

"So who are you going out with???"
"I don´t wanna say"
"Oh come ooon...I told you too!"
"Still don´t wanna say"
"Is he in our class?"
"So you can tell me cause I don´t know him anyway!"
"You do know him"
"Then say it!"
"Oh please!!!"
"No, it´s embarrassing"
"But I´m sure I don´t know him"
"You do...I don´t want to say"
"You have to tell me!"
"No, by the way - you have to get off the bus at this stop"
"I happily stay here with you longer until you tell me his name"
"Oh come ooooon..."
" are annoying"
"Tell me!"

Sometimes being 30+ feels like a real blessing...