Monday, 15 July 2013

2 Days in New York

unfortunately it's only the film title and not what I have planned for this week :-)

director: Julie Delpy
year: 2012
with: Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, etc.

plot: Parisian Marion is living in New York with her son, in order to be closer to Jack, the boy's father (Marion's ex-boyfriend from 2007 prequel 2 Days in Paris). She and her new boyfriend Mingus have a cozy relationship until the arrival of Marion's father, sister and sister's boyfriend, on vacation from France. The group's two days together are tested by "unwitting racism and sexual frankness", with no one left unscathed.

what I liked: Seeing New York on film is never a bad thing and as you all know I adore Paris. I enjoy to listen to New York accents as well as French (even more so if it is subtitled ;-)).On top of that I like a good culture clash film and well, the beautiful and stylish apartment didn't hurt the eye either...and there is something about Julie Delpy that I like...and something that annoys me. Can't really explain what this something is but let's say, she fascinates me.

what I didn't like: It is just pure chaos. They talk loads and they talk loud and fast, both languages sometimes at the same time. The jokes are sometimes badly below the belt and it still irritates me that her funny but creepy father in the films is really her biological father. How embarrassing must dialogues then be like "I have to sleep on the sofa? Where am I going to jerk off?"?!?
Or maybe it is me not being French and Bohemian enough...

verdict: It was ok but, as 2 Days in Paris years before, not something I have to watch again. Too hectic and exaggerated for my taste but at least nice to look at and listen to.


  1. well, at leat something to consider watching :)

    i share the julie d feeling... although i would not say she fascinates me :D

    1. well, maybe fascinating is the wrong word. What I mean is that although I don´t know if I like her or not I have to watch all the films she is in and read all interviews when I come across them, strange :-)