Sunday, 7 July 2013

man vs. woman

found this funny test on Manu's blog...let's find out: am I more girly or a tomboy?!

your feminine side:

[x] You like shopping?
Yes. A lot.

[x] Do you wear eyeliner?
Sometimes. More so since I discovered the advantages of gel eyeliner.

[ ] You think cheerleading is a sport? thought about it. It's something out of films I do not watch so not my world at all. I guess this "test" comes from the US.

[ ] Hate wearing black?
Man, I have a BA in theatre studies, in a perfect world I should wear nothing else but black together with my black rimmed Ray Ban glasses ;-)!

[ ] Do you like shopping centres?
no, I can't stand them really and will always chose a proper town with streets, life and air if  I have the choice.

[ ] Do you like getting manicures/pedicures?
never had one but I'm sure it can be quite nice

[x] Like wearing jewellery?
I always wear my wedding and my engagement ring on my left hand, a thin silver necklace with a diamond and my total of four earrings. Apart from that I love buying costume jewellery more than actually wearing it.

[ ] Did "Titanic" make you cry?
No. Only watched it once and it didn't really do anything for me apart from being veeery long.

[x] Do you own many skirts?

[x] Is shopping one of your favourite hobbies?
It is morally wrong to call it a hobby but if I'm honest; yes, and it is great fun.

[x] You dislike Star Wars?
Definitely. Tried to watch it twice and always fell asleep after 5-10min so I have given up.

[ ] Do you do athletics?
No way!!!! (But why on earth is that supposed to be a female trait? Most girls I know hated nothing more than running, throwing balls and jumping into sand pits)

[ ] Do you need longer than one hour to get ready in the bathroom?
Not normally. I can be ready in around 15min if I have to.

[ ] Do you smile/laugh more than you should?
I don't think you can smile/laugh too much . Unfortunately I'm not a smiley type of person 

[x] Do you own more than 10 pairs of shoes?
hahaha, add another zero to this number and I can still proudly say: YES!

[x] Is it important to look good?
I'm not obsessed with it but I guess everybody wants to look good in their own way.

[x] You like wearing dresses?
Yes, my collection is growing by the day.

[x] You use deodorant/perfumes?
Of course I do. Not wearing deodorant in my opinion is a criminal offence and I love my perfumes. Never without any of the two.

[x] You say "cute" very often
Not very often, I hope, but I do say it.

[x] You like high-heels
I do. But more for putting them on the shelve and adoring them then for actual wear.

[x] As a child you played with dolls
I was a proud doll mum of a huge breed. In my doll mum mind two of them were my own kids (Karla and Tinchen) and the rest were all adopted...those were the days.

[ ] You enjoy doing other peoples make-up
No, not something that you get the chance to do very often, is it?!

[ ] Do you like being the centre of attention?
No. But I hate being ignored even more so.

[x] pink is one of your favourite colours
If a hot Barbie pink is meant here then no. But I love a faded, dusty ballet shoe pink.

your masculin side:

[x] You wear hoodies?

[x] You wear jeans?

[ ] Dogs are better than cats?
course not! Dogs stink and are nowhere near as soft and fun as cats. As if all men would prefer dogs...

[ ] You find it funny when someone gets hurt?
no...unless I really really dislike that someone. But even then I feel sorry for them most times.

[ ] Did you ever play/work in a mostly male team?
no, never played or worked in any sort of team.

[ ] Shopping is torture
 for my bank account, yes.

[ ] Sad films suck!
no, most comedies suck much more.

[ ] Do you own a XBOX/PS2/PS3?
definitely not

[ ] Did you play with cars as a child?
never...unless the bright pink Barbie campervan counts ;-)

[ ] Did you ever have the wish to become a firefighter?
Noo, I dream about being rescued by a handsome one so being one myself would sort of spoil the effect. My dream professions during childhood and the teenage years were:
interior designer, vet, stage designer

[x] Did you watch the Ninja Turtles?
not really watch it but I was an avid collector of the Panini album so I guess that counts. Remember the stickers? Especially the silver holographic ones?

[ ] You watch sports on tv
never ever

[ ] You watch war films?
no. Unless it is a "normal" film in which war plays a part too.

[x] You ask your dad for advise?
have to as I can't ask my mum anymore.

[ ] You own a trillion of baseball caps
I own a few but much prefer to wear proper hats or fascinators

[x]Did you ever collect cards?
I collected many Panini albums (see above), was much into those small colourful stickers and yes, I had a time were I bought those awful Wrestling cards, God knows why :-/

[x] You find pyjama parties strange
never done and probably never will so yes, they are a bit weird

[x] Green, black, blue or silver is one of your favourite colours
Green! But only the dirty, warmer tones. And violet...and mauve...and taupe...not very manly really ;-)

[x] You enjoy having fun and don't care what others think
Don't care would be exaggerated but I care less and less and I certainly do have an awful lot of fun.

[ ] You do much sport
not apart from the odd try to run or wave kettlebells about. But on an average day I walk between 5-10km, sometimes even much more.

[x] Do you speak with your mouth full
I try not to but I guess it happens.

14/ 8 -- it's a girl :-)


  1. 8/10 - it's a boy :)

  2. Tatsächlich jemand, der kein Star Wars mag... Tse... ;)

    Wirklich interessante und teilweise auch lustige Antworten.