Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hip Hip Hooray

A beautiful baby for a beautiful couple - congratulations!
What an exciting day it was, spend yesterday glued to the Royal Baby watch livestream.
(And I always said it´s going to be a boy :-))

PS: Realized something scary last night...when this boy is becoming King there is every chance my generation will be dead or as good as already...oh dear.


  1. woohoo! i am super-curious about the name :D

  2. Well, the same thought went through my head. Will I ever see him crowned? Possibly as the Saturday afternoon highlight in an old people's home. Sad, sad...

  3. Okay, wenn er mit 40 König wird, dann bin ich 82. Ich könnte also die Krönung noch mitbekommen. Aber bei dieser Familie wird er sicherlich erst mit 80 König... ;O)

  4. Oh my goodness, I really hope I will see him as King, maybe not all of his ancestors are going to reign as long as his great grandmother (I just realized she is his great grandmother!)