Saturday, 6 July 2013

bag parade, part sixteen

where: ebay, one those Korean or Chinese sellers specialised in replicas
when: 2012

A fake leather bag that is more or less modelled on the famous Mulberry "Bayswater".
Although it does look quite plastic I really like this one and it is one of my most used handbags at the moment. Ladylike and easy to combine with pretty much everything. I think I have to start saving for the real deal now...I really do.


  1. really love the style!
    hope it doesn't feel like plastic?

    btw i start wondering where you "store" your bags... is it tough to decide where they are? do they travel as much as you do? is it easier to have more? ;)

  2. This is amazing!

    How small/big is it?

    1. hast du zufällig noch den Link? (oder den Shopnamen) :)