Monday, 22 July 2013

the book tag

How do you start a new book? Reading the last page first? Reading the blurb?
I do read the blurb, have a look at the cover design, touch it to decide if I like the feel of the paper and then comes the most important: I sniff it. I always sniff my books!
What do you do after reading the last few words?
Depends. Normally updating my goodreads page via Facebook and having a look through the reviews. If it wasn´t unbelievably boring I will read up on the author online, check out other, similar books...if it has been a good book I will need a break then for reflection. I´ve been known for developing some real wistfulness and withdrawal symptoms if I really "bonded" with a character and have to leave him/her behind now...

The favourite book of your childhood?
Don´t have a favourite one as I was more of a cassette listening girl. But I loved the "Kasperle" books my granny read to me..actually I loved listening to everything my granny read to me. She reading, me sitting on the table opposite her and drawing, drinking fennel tea...those were the days...

The favourite book of your teenage years?
"Hölderlinstr. 11" by Regina Faerber. A love story between a 16 year old girl and a 40-something orchestra conductor. As I had a thing about fancying only "grown-ups" and even more so if they were in creative jobs this was my book and I adored it! Should read it again.

Someone offers you 1000€ for all your books - can you refuse?
Not sure. I own an awful lot of books, some leather bound (but probably worthless) treasures from my granny´s collection, loads of art and coffee table books and of course more paperbacks than I will ever read...honestly, altogether I guess I own well over 1000 books so the deal wouldn´t be great. Otherwise, thinking of all the space this deal would create...

From which genre do you own most books?
Fiction. Although I read most genres.

If you dislike the first 100 pages of a book, do you still continue reading?
I hate the idea of giving up and force myself...but hardly ever succeed. Normally I start another one, the "problem" stays on the bedside and waits...and waits...and collects dust...and waits...but as long as it is out of the shelf I can convince myself that I will finish it, one day. You see were my chaos at home is coming from now, can´t you ;-) ?

With which fictional character would you like to meet up for a drink?
What a question, Mr. Darcy of course (and I wouldn´t mind if it would be for more than a drink *ahem). But there would be plenty more - I´m sure you could have a fantastic time with Bridget Jones or the Weasley family.

Do you listen to music while reading or need quietness?
I prefer reading without music in the background but I´m able to blend out most noises when reading on trains or in parks.

Which book should everyone read in school?
Anything that gets them into reading really.  I particularly enjoyed reading "Effi Briest", "Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts", "Berlin Alexanderplatz" and "Pride and Prejudice" but I am a freak and always have been.


  1. Wie viele angefangene Bücher stehen bei Dir rum und setzen Staub an? ;O)

    Deine Kindheitserinnerung mit Deiner Oma gefällt mir sehr.