Monday, 14 October 2013


Recently I found several offers from Chiltern Railways for very cheap train tickets to Birmingham Moor Street from London Marylebone...first I went in July thinking that 5£ return was amazing for a day trip - last week then I jumped onto a train (comfy, on time and with free wi-fi) again and paid 50p, a nearly obscene price really.
Birmingham is not a particularly pretty or exciting city but it is large, far enough away and: I haven't been there before, a good enough reason to go!

So here a few photos I took during my first trip...I had a look around the shops (and there are many I can tell you), the museum, the only recently opened library and the Birmingham Back to Backs


  1. well... those are good offers! wish db would be like this more often :D

    like the picture with the kid (obviously)!

  2. 50p?!
    That's more like a protective charge!