Friday, 4 October 2013

on the road 10

a train between Darmstadt and Wiesbaden in the afternoon, two male students in their very early 20s are having a chat in the seats in front of me.

a: Hope I´m finding a girlfriend soon...
b: Don´t you have any decent ones studying with you?
a: No way! They all look awful! I can´t go out with a girl studying engineering like me!
b: So what are you looking for?
a: Don´t know...someone pretty...should be studying interior design...
b: Yeah! I have seen them after their lecture, they all look stunning! Wooahh...
a: They do! Or she could be a florist or something nice like that.
b: I´m feeling the same. I´m never gonna marry a female engineer.
a: Never!

Well lads, at least you know what you want. But maybe it helps with finding the right girl if you broaden your horizont a bit ;-)


  1. Let's hope there are some interior designers or florists who want to marry a male engineer^^

    And thank you so much for your offer!
    I haven't really started with any essays yet, but that's the stuff I'm most afraid of because it is something entirely new for me :/