Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mallorca I

Here the first part of pictures I took during our spontaneous short break to Mallorca last week. Although being sceptical at first (El Arenal and Magaluf - do I need to say more?!?) I must admit, I loved it! It was sunny and warm while the first wave of cold weather hit Germany and not too busy.
We stayed at the Eurotel Puntja Rotja which was fantastic and offered a large room with a balcony overlooking the sea, a superb breakfast buffet and an always empty pool for some late evening (or in Spanish opinion late afternoon lol) swimming.


  1. oh, it all depends on the season. I went once in March and it was pretty much empty. just old folks and cyclists. I loved it. especially the north (did you go to Soller - not sure that's how it's spelled)?

    1. not been to Soller but planning to go there next time with the little old train leaving from Palma...

  2. i think it's a really nice idea in late autumn or spring... nobody forces u to see all the "drunk sights" :D

  3. Ich war bis jetzt zweimal auf Malle ;) Mir hat es immer gut gefallen. Ich finde die Insel hat was.


  4. Tolle Bilder :) Leider war ich selber noch nicht auf Malle... habe ich doch abseits der Ballermann Geschichten, die man zu Ohren bekommt, schon so viel gutes gehört.

  5. Wie schön es doch auf Mallorca aussehen kann! :)