Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Little Miss Scatterbrain


I think of myself as a woman of many talents; I can cook, have a very good sense of orientation and I'm good at making bargains and deciding on the right hotel after many sleepless nights of internet research. One thing though I suck at. Unfortunately something closely related to my hotel picking talent - I can't pack for a holiday (and I already can hear my husband clap enthusiastically when he reads this).

I have been in Guernsey without mascara, I have been all over Europe without a toothbrush (I bought one there as soon as I got to a shop, don´t worry), last year I travelled Tuscany wearing my very own 80s revival - I packed the blue mascara instead of black. In Bruges we ended up with 4 different bottles of shampoo, but minus a shower gel. A few weeks ago in Hambburg I realised there were not enough pants and last week my highlight: I arrived at Palma de Mallorca airport on a lovely warm day suddenly realizing I forgot to pack any shorts...or skirts...or dresses.
It usually all starts so well. I fantasize about the perfect capsule wardrobe. Wanna be stylish and wear red lipstick in Paris, wanna be slightly more edgy for cities and show some laid back chique on a mediteranean island. I draw little sketches, I write lists...and then I do nothing, put something in the suitcase, take some out, forget about it, write more lists, and throw in a few completely non-matching things in it the morning of departure.
Think it probably is connected to me pretty constantly on the move, the act of packing and leaving has become something so normal that I don´t bother a lot anymore.
Next time my husband promised to pack for me...well let's wait and see :-)
Not sure I will ever be on a beach without long jeans or in Rome with sunglasses but will always pack a pair of ripped tights or the pair of shoes that has the dodgy laces...tell me, are you a perfectionist when it comes to packing or a travelling mess like me?

PS:  Right now I´m missing my glasses and my iPod charger by the way - they will wait for me in England when I return.

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  1. poor thing... i thought you'd master this with all your traveling experience!

    i am not as well traveled as you are but it's not that messy with me, i guess.
    i always check weather forecasts (to avoid having no skirts e.g.) and make sure i pack some feelgood items (stuff that always works)... in those panicky moments (did i forget anything???) i try convincing myself that you can just buy forgotten stuff (like shower gel), although i barely have to do that (only the london weather forced me to buy rainboots -all my other shoes were soaking wet and wouldn't dry, even with the help of a hairdryer)
    my husband considers me to be a packing pro (i do his stuff as well now) ... my specialty is using space as effectively as possible. even when that means i spend at least an hour packing the night before i leave ;)